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"Voted Best Dry Cleaners"
by the Westchester Magazine

Professional dry cleaning & hand finishing

Professional dry cleaning in nu – way's state of the art facility will use a combination of techniques to clean and refinish whatever garment(s) you have entrusted within our care. If your custom beaded couture evening gown has a wine stain on it, or your custom made Brioni suit needs professional cleaning you can be assured each garment will receive individual attention.

Your investment in your wardrobe can be entrusted within our professional care. Our level of quality care is what has lead to us being the leader within the dry cleaning industry. Each and ever garment is pre-spotted, inspected, cleaned and hand finished by our professional team.

Certified Green Earth Cleaning

" A fresh new idea in dry cleaning, the secret is in the sand". The green earth process cleans with pure liquid silicone in essence, Liquefied sand. Green Earth is remarkably effective and gentle. It is 100% odor free, non - allergenic and non - irritating.

Your clothes will look newer with Green Earth. Colors stay bright, fabric feels soft. It's safe for fine silks, cashmeres, even most garments labeled " do not dry clean". Give us a call for more information.

Wet Cleaning

We Now Offer You Professional Wetcleaning The Use Of H2O In Controlled Environment

What's The Difference!

You wash clothes. Your drycleaner wetcleans. What is the Difference?


• You may use a home washing machine and will sometimes wash by hand if a label demands it.

• You may separate light colors from dark as much as possible.

• You may use chlorine bleach or safety bleach if the garment seems dull or off-color.

• You may damage a garment by mixing colors, using the wrong bleach or using a bleach improperly. Garments may shrink or'stretch if you try to wash it when it was meant to be drycleaned.

Professional Wetcleaning

A person that wetcleans must be a trained professional. He or she must:

• We have the knowledge of textiles, garment construction and trimming.

• We have the knowledge of dyes and how to test whether a dye is solvent soluble or water soluble.

• We have the knowledge of temperature, mechanical action, acids and alkalis and the effect water has on garments.

• We have the knowledge of stain removal, chemicals to use, precautions and limitations. Wetcleaning doesn't necessarily remove stains, especially difficult ones.

• We have the knowledge of bleaches and use them to keep garments white and bright.

• We have the knowledge of additives that can give a fabric body when water has removed the fabric finish that the manufacturer provided.

Before you damage a precious garment, trying to save money, consider whether the risk is worth it. Many professional drycleaners have the proper wetcleaning training to keep your "washable" garment looking new longer.

"We Help You Look Your Best"

Shirt laundering

nu-way is known for the best shirts in Westchester County. Shirts at nu-way are professional laundered and inspected for broken buttons. Shirts are professionally laundered and packaged according to your individual needs. We offer hangers, and or boxes.

If a hand pressed shirt is what you need no request is too difficult for nu-way to accommodate. Service is what we offer for all your shirt needs. Hand folding is also available upon request. Same day shirt service is also available if brought in by 9 AM and out by 5 PM.

Custom Tailoring and Alternations

In our tailoring salon custom tailoring at nu-way is done with a European flare, founded nowhere on the east coast. Their professional tailoring staff has been trained in the art of "custom tailoring". nu-way was established by a custom tailor. They can handle anything from a minor repair to a custom restoration on any garment. nu-way's quality tailoring cant be matched by any competitor.

Their professional tailors are available Monday thru Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm. Appointments with a specific tailor are welcomed to accommodate your needs. 24hr service is also available when needed.

Wedding & Christening Gowns
cleaned and preserved

"Don't let your special day fade away." nu-way's highly trained cleaning team can take you to and from and even before all the way to after your special day. Your special gown deserves the unique attention and care that nu-way offers. After your special day bring your gown to nu-way and with your help we will examine each inch of your dress for any stains, missing beads and carefully note any special pre cautions your gown may have.

• We process and package your gown for the final preservation process in an acid free box chosen just for your special Gown & Veil.

• Your gown can be entrusted in our professional hands.

Leather and Suede

nu-way cleaners cleans, and restores all leather and suede garments. Leather and suede garments require special professional care for each garment. Garments are cleaned and re-sprayed to bring back that original look and feel.

Fur Cleaning and insured cold Storage

Your furs are an investment you need to protect. Animal fur is a garment that needs to be professionally cleaned, glazed and stored in a cold, humidity controlled environment. Our fur specialist will examine and treat your fur investment with the proper care it needs. Each pelt is cleaned and glazed to perfection. Trust our fur specialist with your investment you won't be disappointed.

Personal laundering wash and fold

We offer a wash & fold service for all your personal laundry. Laundry processed by pound, neatly folded, socks are matched up, time too valuable to be doing wash.

Ski / Snowboard apparel

Winter sports is a hobby we all enjoy. Ski apparel is very expensive and needs to be cleaned and treated with expertise. If your Prada leather ski jacket needs special handling trust nu-way to care for your winter apparel professionally, or perhaps your Gucci fur trimmed snow boarding jacket that is down filled needs individual care we can fulfill all your needs to perfection and protect your investment. We have been cleaning these specialty items for over 65 years.

Casual wear

Casual Wear requires special handling also. Different fabric such cotton, linen or micro fibers are treated with our array of techniques we offer wet cleaning, green earth cleaning, and traditional dry cleaning.

Many times it may take a variation of these techniques to return your casual clothing back to its original texture and feel. We insure that your casual wear will smell, feel and look clean and professionally cared for.

Couture Garments

Our customers have made a lasting investment into their wardrobe and their clothes need to be handled by a garment care professional. A Vera Wang evening gown or a custom designed Brioni men's suit needs to be handled with an exceptional dry cleaner. At nu - way custom designed clothing is what we handle each and every day.

Our knowledge of these fabrics and designs is why residents of the Ritz Carlton & Trump Towers of White Plains have made us their exclusive house dry cleaner. At nu-way we combine many different professional services to clean, protect and refresh your garments. Your wardrobe investment should never be trusted with just any dry cleaner. Years of knowledge and expertise should never be compromised.

Drapery Cleaning and
re-hanging Services

Nu-way offers a take down and re-hanging service for all your draperies and window treatments. We will work with your decorator to insure that they are returned to you professionally cleaned, hand pressed and reinstalled. We will examine your window treatments for any water/sun damage.

Give us a call for a window treatment evaluation at (914) 949-2333. The investment you have made should be handled by drapery professionals.

Down Comforters, Bed Linens, Duvet Covers
Table Cloths

Your bed linens are a compliment to your bed room accessories. Sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers are professionally cleaned, pressed and sanitized to smell, feel clean and fresh. Each item is examined for wear and stains. Down comforters are returned fluffy, cleaned and free of any odors or matting of the feathers. We take great pride in our household department to meet and exceed your expectations, after all this is where you sleep and rest.

Many table cloths are made from antique fabrics and require special handling and care. Each cloth is pre-spotted and cleaned to its specific needs and than hand pressed. We can handle any cloth, whether its your grandmothers antique Shantilly lace or your holiday favorite

Area Rugs

With free pick-up and delivery. Call us to come and pick up your over-sized rugs. We will expertly clean and sanitize your area rugs from dirt and pet odors. Don't wait until it is too late and your rug is beyond cleaning. Protect your investments.

Uggs Refinished

Ugg boots and slippers are made from suede and require special handling and care. Let us renew and restore your Uggs for next season. Our special techniques will refresh your Uggs inside and out.

Summer/Winter Storage

Is your closet cramped with last season's clothes? Let us store your summer or winter wardrobes. Fine wools and cashmeres shouldn't be left exposed so moths can harbor in the fabric and cause very expensive damage. Let us store your wardrobe for you and have it fresh, clean and ready for the next season.

Fire Restoration

Please give us a call now during this difficult time for an evaluation of what is salvageable. We are fire ozoning experts.

Vintage Garment restoration and cleaning

Vintage clothing has been a trend in recent years. Whether you have expensive heirlooms past down from generations or just a casual vintage clothing shopper, we can restore most garments. White garments that are now yellow and faded will be bright and fresh again. Garments that have lost their soft texture will be smooth and wearable again. Just call us or bring them to our facility.

Private Residence

Pick up and delivery from your home 2x's per week

Monthly billing, Credit card payment accepted

Please call for details at (914) 949-2333

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nu-way can pick up and deliver to your business Monday - Friday.
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Account Sign-Up Form

After submitting your sign up card a nu-way representative will contact you for billing information.

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Pick up and delivery from your condo Monday - Saturday, call for details, (914) 949-2333 monthly billing, credit card payment accepted.

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After submitting your sign up card a nu-way representative will contact you for billing information.

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